Syncing over wifi via VPN

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  • I’m using 1Password version #: 5.3
  • On a (Mac/PC/iOS/Android): Mac/iOS
  • Syncing with other devices (list them): iPad

I would like to sync my devices over wifi. I'm not paranoid just want to be in control of my information. Here is the question I have.

I am traveling, I have a VPN. Technically speaking once I log into my personal VPN network at home I am on the "same network". I am able to ping my server which means my phone is able to see my computer on the same network. However I am unable to see the 1Password server. Is there anything additional that I can/need to do?

Any assistance that can be given would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi @hagosrush,

    To make Wi-Fi sync work across the VPN, you'll need to make Bonjour work across the VPN, which is challenging (technically possible, I think, but I've never done it). Bonjour relies on broadcast packets on the network, and usually as soon as a network route is involved those get stripped out. The VPN would need to be smart enough to relay those broadcast packets and replay them on the other side.

    Unfortunately without Bonjour working, you won't be able to Wi-Fi sync as we don't support manually entering the server and port information on the iOS device. There's a feature request in our database for adding the ability to specify that information (which would also require the ability to lock down the port number on the Mac side as it doesn't have a fixed port number there).

    Let us know if you manage to get the VPN + Bonjour configuration working, and if so, I'd love to hear how.


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