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Autofill not working on coloribus.com


Could you please add support to autofill logins on www.coloribus.com/profile/login in 1Password? It doesn't work on iOS in Safari or 1Password, I don't know if the problem also exists on 1Password on the Mac. I know you guys are awesome and can do it.



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    Hi @manny,

    I think I need to make sure we're talking about the same thing, just to eliminate the possibility of confusion.

    What I've done so far is using the latest versions of 1Password for Mac and 1Password for iOS (5.3 & 5.4.1 respectively), created a Login item that fills in on Safari for Mac & iOS as well as 1Browser inside 1Password for iOS.

    In version 5.3 of 1Password for iOS we introduced a new filling logic or brain. At the same time though we had to make the difficult decision to at least temporarily remove the submit after filling due to reliability issues with the JavaScript. So as of 5.3, it won't attempt to submit a login after filling.

    So when you say auto fill, is this what you're referring to?

    Just in case it isn't here's a few of the terms and at least how I interpret them.

    • Fill Login on current web page. This is what happens if you have a loaded web page and you either use the keyboard shortcut ⌘\ or go via the 1Password mini or iOS extension.
    • open and fill or go and fill. If you click on a URL from within 1Password it will open a new tab in your default browser and then proceed to fill the login once the page has loaded.
    • Automatically submit logins after filling. This is where we try to submit your login page by mimicking the press of the enter key. The JavaScript version of this used in iOS was removed as I mentioned above due to reliability issues.
    • Auto-Fill. To us, auto-fill is when you load up a login page and the login credentials are automatically filled with no user interaction required. We don't and have never supported this for security reasons. For more on this we have a page titled Why doesn’t 1Password automatically fill forms when the page loads?

    Once we know we're on the same page I'm sure we can figure this out :smile:

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