Before upgrading to newer versions: fix this!

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I've seen more people asking for this, but I thought this needs reinforcement.
1) highlighting the results of searches.
I spend too much time browsing notes and other items trying to find what I am searching. This is long overdue.

2) when editing notes, why is it so slow? It looks like a computer from the 80's.

So, I'm sorry, but unless you solve these (at least #1), I'm not upgrading anymore.

Thank you.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Maxsen,

    In regards to point 1.

    It isn't quite what you're asking for but on the Mac we do have a way of searching a Secure Note both in read only and edit mode.

    If you're a keyboard shortcut user at all then you may know that if you use ⌘F it normally brings focus to the search bar in the Item List. If you first click on the Secure note's text, even in read-only mode and then use ⌘F you will see the following.

    You do have to resort to using the mouse at this point to go forwards and backwards with the buttons as enter will close the search window but it will highlight the current found instance as you can see.

    I don't feel quite informed enough to comment on 2. at the moment. I've never noticed any issues in speed when editing a Secure Note. Can I ask what version of 1Password you're currently running?

    ref: OPM-1001

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