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Robert P Karz
Robert P Karz
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My iMac was reformatted. I need to restore my original data base. Please assist. Can I speak with a real live person from Agilebits ?


  • Stephen_C
    Community Member

    This is the quickest way to obtain support (even at the weekend :) ).

    Please tell us:

    1. What version of 1P you are running.
    2. Whether you have pre-format backups from your iMac.
    3. Whether you sync'd your 1P data to any other device and, if so, to what device and what version of 1P you run on that device.


  • littlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Robert P Karz,

    We can certainly help but we will need some more details to go on. From our records I see you purchased 1Password 3 for Mac a while ago but your licence is valid for all versions since then i.e. 1Password 3-5. What version you're running will be important for the right set of steps.

    We will also need an idea of where else your vault may be as you can see from Stephen_C's questions. One of the aspects that many of our users love about 1Password is that your vault is entirely in your control. If you don't want it to it doesn't leave your Mac or network.

    • If you ever set up Dropbox sync your vault should still be there.
    • If you use Time Machine at all to backup your Mac it will be in there.
    • If you have any other iOS device or Mac with your vault we can use it.

    Once we begin to have a better idea of your situation we'll be able to advise and guide.

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