Problems with dropbox and iCloud syncing.

Darío Baena
Darío Baena
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I´ve been using 1Password for a long time both in Mac (App Store version) and iPhone , running latest OS X and iOS versions and synced through dropbox like a charm. A couple of days ago, I decided to move to iCloud so I followed all the steps at your web. My problem is that my master password is not recognized in iOS version, so I couldn´t move. I tried to go back to dropbox but now, It doesn´t recognize my master password in Mac version (!?). It´s funny because I can log in different services with the same password, but not both at the same time. I went to 1P Anywhere in my dropbox folder, and I can´t log either…
Please help me!


  • Hi @Dario Baena,

    Does your Master Password happen to contain any characters with accents? Usually this kind of thing happens when the Master Password contains "odd" characters. Not that characters with accents are odd... but it turns out that different keyboards can produce different data to represent that character that looks exactly the same to you the user, but different to the computer during computations. The workaround is usually to change your Master Password from the device you can unlock to one that doesn't contain such a character.

    We're still trying to figure out how best to deal with these scenarios.


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