Sync Bug in 1PW Android With Passwords Converted To Logins [known issue]

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Hi there,

I use 1Password on a couple of Macs running Yosemite with 2 vaults, and sync my primary Vault to my Samsung Note 4 via Dropbox.

I was trying to retrieve a password today from my phone and wasn't able to find it even though it was clearly on my computer, things were syncing just fine, etc. After mucking around between my phone and computer I think I have a repeatable process which shows some sort of bug when you convert a password to a login item and it not getting synced back correctly to Android.

  1. Create a password item in 1Password for Mac. Make sure it syncs to Dropbox.
  2. Open 1Password for Android, have it sync the new Password item to 1PW for Android.
  3. Go back to 1Password for Mac, convert the item to a login. Sync to Dropbox.
  4. Sync with Android again. Notice that the item is still there, but its still a Password item and not a Login item. You can't open it.

For further proof, you can do something like:

  1. Edit the converted login on the Mac, and add a note to it. Have it sync to Dropbox.
  2. Sync the login back to 1Password for Android. You will be able to see the item and the note you added, but it's still a type of Password and you can't do anything with it.

Let me know if I can provide any other help or information. Thanks!


  • Hey @devnulled. Thanks for getting in touch with us and reporting this error. :)

    Our developers are aware of this issue, and we currently have an open bug regarding this. Hopefully, a resolution isn't too far off. :)

    Thanks so much for the help in keeping 1Password bug free. Let us know if you find anything else!
    ref: OPA-365

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