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Please add 2 step Authentication to the Mac version of 1 password. And I mean for you whole vault. Here is a link yo dashlane's version of what I'm talking about.Two-Factor-Authentication Also auto changing password would be amazing for 1password here is a link for dashlane's version of what I'm talking about.http://support.dashlane.com/hc/en-us/articles/202699281-How-to-use-Password-changer
Also dashlane has this Security Center If 1password adds this it would be awesome.


  • fourwheelcycle
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    AgileBits, please do not add Two Factor Authentication to 1P. I don't want to add an extra step each time I use my Master Password.

    Also, I note Dashlane can only be synced through their servers and it costs $40 per year for their sync service.

  • Hi @jackiam and @fourwheelcycle,

    Thanks for writing in. It actually doesn't make sense for 1Password to include 2 Step Authentication as it stands. For two-step to be useful, there would have to be a secret that's unavailable to an attacker. Since all of the data is local on your device, this makes hiding a secret effectively impossible. With our current way of doing things, adding 2 step authentication to vault unlocking would offer little in terms of security. Master Passwords are different in this regard (being possible to hide) because the password is simply used to derive an encryption key. It requires the same password over and over. It's a simpler process than how two step authentication value generation works.

    Can you be specific about which Security Center features you'd like to see that we don't offer already with Watchtower?

    Automating password changes is definitely a neat feature. It's very well represented in our feature requests. It's certainly something I myself would love to have. :)


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