Can not convert Text to Date field

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This is a small bug, but somebody might loose information if they don't notice the change of the value, or they don't remember it after they have saved the note.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create new secure note.
2. Enter "10/12/2012" as value of a new field.
3. Click away to change focus from the input field.
4. Change field type from "Text" to "Date".
5. Observe the defect: the value is changed to the current date i.e. "01/05/2015".



  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @sepetrov,

    You're quite correct of course, we don't try to parse any existing data at all when the field type is changed to the Date type with one exception. 1Password converts if you move from Date to the Month/Year format and tries its best returning the other way. To be fair, all it can do is guess so it arbitrarily chooses the first of the month. It keeps the date if you move from Date to Text so it seems the one gotcha is Text to Date.

    I'm going to assume this was an oversight so I'll create a ticket about this. Thank you for reporting the issue :smile:

    ref: OPM-3056

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