Error transferring item to Apple Watch

I have 2 similar logins set up in 1Password. PayPal - name1 & PayPal - name2. When I set both of them to be transffered to Apple Watch, only the first one alphabetically shows up. If I change the - to a @ for one of them, then they both show up. So it's looking at only a subset of the characters in the login name and not the entire name. If there's a limit on what it wants to use for Apple Watch, there should be a note somewhere.


  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

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    Hi @flossqueen,

    I just went and made two login items, naming them exactly PayPal - name1 and PayPal - name2. I then tapped Add to Apple Watch for both items, and they both appeared fine on my Apple Watch.

    Now, I am running the next version we are releasing, which we are submitting to Apple very soon. So while this could be an issue in 5.4.1, I can't reproduce it in the upcoming 5.4.2.

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