trying to move 1Password to new computer, how do I download the software?

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I am trying to move 1password from one mac to another and cannot figure out how to download it or get my license key Help!


  • danco
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    What version of 1PW do you have, and where did you get it from?

    If you bought direct from AgileBits web store, then you can download version 5 (Yosemite only) from them. You can also download versions 4 and 3 from the Legacy section of the downloads page.

    If you have version 3, that uses a license key. If you have version 4 or 5, a license file is used. You need to have the license file on your new machine, it can be copied over from the old one, or redownloaded from Agile.

    If you bought from Apple's App Store, you need to log in to the App Store you using the same Apple ID as you originally used, and then you can download. No license is required, as your ID covers your use.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @healthycook,

    I hope danco's reply helped.

    If you're still have trouble what I would recommend doing is on the Mac with 1Password, launch 1Password and then go to 1Password > About 1Password. You will see a little button titled Copy to Clipboard and if you paste that here we can at least tell you if you're an Agile Web Store (AWS) or Apple Mac App Store (MAS) user. I did try checking our records for a purchase of the AWS version but if you did I can only assume it was using a different email address to the one registered here in our forums.

    Once we know where you got it we can help you with how to set up a new machine :smile:

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