Moved from canada to us - 1password wants me to re-buy it.

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Recently relocated from Canada to the US. Bought 1password in the CA app store on a previous mac. Cannot get back into the CA store to re-download on new mac as now in the US. How do I access my licence so I can keep on using 1password? Do not want to spend double.

Please advise.


  • danco
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    You can certainly get to the Canadian App Store.

    In the lower right of the App Store page there is a flag of some country (presumably USA for you at present). Click on that and you can change to a different country's App Store.

    I believe there may be issues with your credit card, though, with the App Store insisting that you use the same country as your card.

    Try changing countries and report back.

    According to some reports (but I have not confirmed this), even though you will get asked to buy when you are in the US store, in fact at the end the store does recognise that you made a purchase previously and allows a free download. If you want to check this yourself I would recommend testing on a cheap purchase.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @chrisrtanner,

    We can certainly try and advise although given this will likely apply to all your of your MAS and iOS purchases you might find a quick call to Apple will clear this up faster. I only suggest that as even though I'm a MAS user myself (as are a couple that inhabit our forums), finding somebody that has personally experienced this is harder given the situation needed to encounter the same issue. I would hope that Apple would be able to assist with the correct advice given it's their store.

    If you get the runaround from Apple (which you really shouldn't) please do let us know. We won't be able to help you with the MAS purchase itself but we can help you get a working copy of 1Password from our store.

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