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I haven't had any issues with 1Password on my Apple Watch. Except for slight pin entry latency (which is to be expected with WatchKit apps), it works pretty smoothly and doesn't take long to load. No crashes yet. No glitches.

What is the pin timeout on the watch? What are the possible consequences for not setting a pin on the watch and just letting the passwords be protected by the built-in pin?

It's VERY convenient to have one-time passwords (and a couple other frequently used passwords) on my wrist. It will be even better once you have access to a full SDK and no longer have to deal with latency.


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    Hi @fatherfork!

    I'm glad you are enjoying 1Password for Apple Watch! Yes, there is just a slight amount of latency with PIN entry, but we're doing our best to optimize that now that we have actual hardware to use. The future for Apple Watch is definitely bright when thinking about getting a more closely integrated SDK.

    The PIN timeout on 1Password for Apple Watch is dependent on the Apple Watch itself. The device decides when to time out the app and flush it from cache. We sadly don't have any control with that in the current SDK.

    As for the security aspects, I encourage you to read this article.

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