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I have 1Password5 (5.3.1) on three Macs , two iPhone 6s and I iPad. I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to several friends.

But I keep getting an database could not be backup, database invalid, key files may be missing message on one of the Macs.

I have restarted 1Password mini several times.

I cannot locate the ~/Library/LaunchAgents/1PasswordAgent.plist and the ~/Library/Application Support/1Password folder to delete those objects. As describe in the knowledge base.

What do I need to do next?

If I need to send you log(s) please send detailed instructions on how to do it.



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    Hi @Curtis_Evergreen,

    Thanks for the kind words; we're very glad to hear you're happy with 1Password! :) But also sorry to hear you're having trouble resolving this error. Luckily we're here to help!

    It's great that you were able to find the knowledgebase article about the error. Can you please make sure you've followed these steps exactly:

    1. From the Finder, go to the menu option for Go > Go to Folder... (These files are hidden, so they won't be found with a Spotlight search)
    2. In the Go to Folder field that appears, copy and paste the following text and press Return: ~/Library/LaunchAgents
    3. Delete ws.agile.1PasswordAgent.plist
    4. Go back to the menu option for Go > Go to Folder…
    5. Copy and paste the following text and press Return: ~/Library/Application Support/1Password
    6. Delete the Agent folder
    7. Empty the Trash.
    8. Restart your Mac.

    Are you still unable to find the ws.agile.1PasswordAgent.plist file in step 2? Were you able to delete the Agent folder in step 6?

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