User settings: i cant change my avatar

No matter what i try, I cant change my Avatar to the left? Are others having this problem? It tells me its changed, it shows on my profile update, but then it reverts back to the original. It also wont let me change my photo in any way.


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    Hey rghost,

    I'm sorry that you're having this problem. Please keep in mind the restrictions placed on forum avatars which are displayed on the "Change Avatar" page:

    Your avatar must be no bigger than 90 pixels by 90 pixels in size.
    Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 50 KB.
    The following file types are allowed: gif,jpg,jpeg,png

    There is also a separate "Change Photo" which is used elsewhere. You might consider changing both if you are not seeing the expected results.

    Don't forget to click the "Save Change" button when you are done.

    Please let me know how it turns out.
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