Feature Suggestion for iPhone/Apple Watch 1Password Combo [Resolved]

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I'm using both 1Password for my Mac as well as 1Password for my iPhone 6. Before settling for AgileBits 1Password solution, I have extensively evaluated several of the market contenders. Among them was oneSafe. Lately I received an email with what I consider an interesting feature that might be worthwhile being considered for 1Password; please see screenshot

Of course, a feature like this might already be in 1Password for the iPhone and Apple Watch "tandem"; I don't own an Apple Watch, hence I can't test/check.



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    Hi @rattlesnakeshake. We actually do have a companion app on Apple Watch called 1Password for Apple Watch! You can read the announcement and our process in designing & building it on our blog.

    While the current tools available for Apple Watch apps do not allow us to lock/unlock the iOS or Mac versions of 1Password from 1Password for Apple Watch, you can store items important to you to have available on the go on 1Password for Apple Watch.

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