1Password content on Watch not visible when out of range of paired iPhone [Resolved:Normal function]

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1Password is a great app to have available on Apple Watch. But I just discovered that the Watch app won't come up at all if the paired iPhone is out of Bluetooth range. That makes the Watch app much less useful. (My network at work involves layer 3 switches, and so doesn't support Bluetooth-over-WiFi for the Apple Watch, which is apparently a non-routable layer 2 thing.) Do you have any plans to store selected data locally on the Watch in the future?


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    Hi @lkkboston! All third-party Apple Watch apps are currently limited in this fashion. The Apple Watch app is really an interface shell, and all the data and code execution takes place on the paired iPhone. If you are out of Bluetooth range, none of your third-party apps are able to work with the current tools available to developers.

    We documented the anatomy of 1Password for Apple Watch in a recent blog post.

    As for the future, we will see what happens as the development tools for Apple Watch mature. Needless to say we're very excited for WWDC this year.

  • Thanks for your reply and explanation. I'll stay tuned for further developments, and keep my iPhone nearby in the meantime.

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    You're very welcome @lkkboston!

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