New Android beta?

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its now nearly one month since the latest beta update. What's going on?

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  • Our last Android beta was released 3 weeks ago. :( The truth is, our team has been really busy working on super-secret features that will be making their way to the beta soon. We hope to return to our regular beta release cycle in the coming weeks. :)

  • ntimo
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    You mean super secret features for the android version?

  • Yep! We've just released 4.5b1 which includes WiFi sync. :)

    Please update and give it a shot.

  • EnerJi
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    Congrats on the latest release; I'm sure there are many people who will be happy to have WiFi sync. I am happy as I assume this gets us one step closer to Google Drive and Multiple Vault support?!

    Fingerprint support is neat and all, but given the tiny percentage of handsets which (currently) have fingerprint readers, I would hope we will see Google Drive (supported on virtually every device 1Password supports) and multiple vaults (ditto) FIRST, with fingerprint support relatively soon thereafter.

  • peri
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    Thanks! We're pretty excited about this release, and I'm glad to hear that you're happy, too!

    With regards to Google Drive and multiple vault support, we are aware of how important both of these features are to our users, and listening to all of the feedback.

    As Saad pointed out in a previous thread:

    We really do want to get Google Drive support in 1Password. During our look through the implementation, we discovered a limitation within the current Drive SDK for Android that prevents 1Password from being able to access files in the 1Password data folder not created using the API. This would mean using folder sync solution on another platform or manually uploading your 1Password data folder to Drive will not work with 1Password on Android.

    We are hoping to be able to come up with a resolution to this problem and support Google Drive syncing in the future.

    That said, adding support for multiple vaults on Android requires us to make huge changes under the hood, which we've already begun work on. :)

    Fingerprint support is something that we're very excited about, and our customers can expect it when Android M is released.

    Since the question this thread was created for has been answered, I'm going ahead and closing the thread. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have in another discussion!

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