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American Airlines 3 field login

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American Airlines wants a username, a freq flier number and a password: so 3 fields to log on - is there a fix?

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  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    I solved this for my American Airlines account by following the directions on saving a login manually.

    Although inspecting the new record didn't show my name, I found that it was saved and could be found by showing the web form details. And more to the point, I was again able to use 1Password to login automatically.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG
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    Hi @vlemmon1951,

    Did the suggestion from hawkmoth help to create a working Login item for your American Airlines account? Hopefully you're all set, but if you have more questions or need more help with that, please let us know. We're here for you! :)

  • texastobytexastoby
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    To piggy back, no, the above fix doesn't work for me with 1Password 5.3 on 10.10.5. After recapturing the login manually, the web form details are stored, i.e. the AAdvantage number, Last name, Password, and Remember Me, but only the Last Name, Password, and Remember me are filled in by 1Password, so the login fails asking me to provide my AA number.

  • JacobJacob

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    @texastoby You should be able to add the AA number as a separate field in the item the login by editing it in 1Password, clicking show web form details, and adding the new form called loginId. It should be text with an identity (person icon). I checked this on my side and it worked properly. What page are you trying to submit the form on? I did it on the homepage of AA.

  • texastobytexastoby
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    I actually have to make the person icon next to my name, not my loginId or it puts the AAnumber in the place where my name goes. I've done what you have suggested and it doesn't work.

  • Greetings @texastoby,

    Could I make a request please, can you post the precise URL that you need to log into. As somebody that doesn't use their site I want to make sure I'm looking at the right page when trying to help. With the URL I will investigate and report back with what I discover. It might sound a bit silly asking for the URL but many sites have multiple login points or maybe they'll redirect me to a different page based on location so I hope to minimise possible confusion by confirming - thanks!

  • texastobytexastoby
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    No problem! The first url is the main page:


    When that login fails because my AA number wasn't added, it's spits me out to the re-sign in page here:


    Sorry this is a pain. I feel like I'm on the cusp of getting this, but I'm not quite there yet.

  • Greetings @texastoby,

    Let's start with the main page.

    I created a dummy Login item by following the steps in How to manually save a Login. The one modification I made was for testing purposes I set the submit field to Never submit as I want to see what it fills and I know it's going to fail. If you copy the following block of garbled nonsense you fill find a new menu option magically appears in 1Password and it can be found at File > New Item from Clipboard. You will now have an identical copy of the item that filled all three fields for me.

    {"sectionName":"A","details":{"backupKeys":["DO1Y+nah30qVoCqT0cqW02g\/lzjRaLm\/hn7Kcr7FfqGEIJwFt\/qwCLBOESfnDKCTI+3ieyEOzsXD8R\/L3Twtug=="],"htmlForm":{"htmlMethod":"LB1"},"fields":[{"value":"en_US","id":"aa-country-selector;opid=__1","name":"countryselector","type":"S"},{"value":"url=http:\/\/www.aa.com?locale=en_US","id":"aa-language-selector;opid=__2","name":"languageselector","type":"S"},{"value":"","id":"aa-country-language-save;opid=__3","name":"localePreferenceSaved","type":"C"},{"value":"Select","id":"aa-choose-locale;opid=__4","name":"","type":"I"},{"value":"1234567890","id":"loginForm.loginId;opid=__16","name":"loginId","type":"T","designation":"username"},{"value":"someone","id":"loginForm.lastName;opid=__17","name":"lastName","type":"T"},{"value":"password","id":"loginForm.password;opid=__18","name":"password","type":"P","designation":"password"},{"value":"","id":"loginForm.rememberMeCheckbox;opid=__19","name":"rememberMe","type":"C"},{"value":"Log in","id":";opid=__20","name":"_button_go","type":"I"},{"value":"roundTrip","id":"flightSearchForm.tripType.roundTrip;opid=__23","name":"tripType","type":"R"},{"value":"","id":"flightSearchForm.tripType.redeemMiles;opid=__26","name":"searchCategory","type":"C"},{"value":"LCY","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.originAirport;opid=__27","name":"originAirport","type":"T"},{"value":"09\/25\/2015","id":"aa-leavingOn;opid=__28","name":"","type":"T"},{"value":"9","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.flightParams.flightDateParams.travelMonth;opid=__29","name":"flightParams.flightDateParams.travelMonth","type":"S"},{"value":"25","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.flightParams.flightDateParams.travelDay;opid=__30","name":"flightParams.flightDateParams.travelDay","type":"S"},{"value":"040001","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.flightParams.flightDateParams.searchTime;opid=__31","name":"flightParams.flightDateParams.searchTime","type":"S"},{"value":"","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.destinationAirport;opid=__32","name":"destinationAirport","type":"T"},{"value":"10\/02\/2015","id":"aa-returningFrom;opid=__33","name":"","type":"T"},{"value":"10","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.returnDate.travelMonth;opid=__34","name":"returnDate.travelMonth","type":"S"},{"value":"2","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.returnDate.travelDay;opid=__35","name":"returnDate.travelDay","type":"S"},{"value":"040001","id":"reservationFlightSearchForm.returnDate.searchTime;opid=__36","name":"returnDate.searchTime","type":"S"},{"value":"1","id":"flightSearchForm.adultOrSeniorPassengerCount;opid=__37","name":"adultOrSeniorPassengerCount","type":"S"},{"value":"1","id":"flightSearchForm.adultPassengerCount.flightHotel;opid=__39","name":"adultPassengerCount","type":"S"},{"value":"coach","id":"fhServiceClass;opid=__40","name":"serviceclass","type":"S"},{"value":"matrix","id":"flightSearchForm.searchType.matrix;opid=__41","name":"searchTypeMode","type":"R"},{"value":"true","id":"flightSearchForm.searchType.datesFlexible;opid=__43","name":"awardDatesFlexible","type":"R"},{"value":"Search","id":"flightSearchForm.button.reSubmit;opid=__45","name":"","type":"I"},{"value":"","id":"findReservationForm.firstName;opid=__66","name":"firstName","type":"T"},{"value":"","id":"findReservationForm.lastName;opid=__67","name":"lastName","type":"T"},{"value":"","id":"findReservationForm.recordLocator;opid=__68","name":"recordLocator","type":"T"},{"value":"GO","id":"findReservationForm.submit;opid=__69","name":"_button_success","type":"I"},{"value":"","id":"aa-flightNumber-fs;opid=__72","name":"flightNumber","type":"T"},{"value":"","id":"gatesTimesSearchForm.originAirport;opid=__73","name":"originAirport","type":"T"},{"value":"Friday, September 25","id":"gatesTimesForm.travelDate;opid=__74","name":"travelDate","type":"S"},{"value":"","id":"gatesTimesSearchForm.destinationAirport;opid=__75","name":"destinationAirport","type":"T"},{"value":"080000","id":"aa-time-fs;opid=__76","name":"flightParams.flightDateParams.searchTime","type":"S"},{"value":"Go","id":"gatesTimesForm.submit;opid=__77","name":"_button_success","type":"I"}]},"uuid":"DF7BB01BDD524BEABA8CAC993191A83D","updatedAt":1443190424,"createdAt":1443190382,"categoryUUID":"001","overview":{"ps":1,"title":"aa.com","url":"http:\/\/www.aa.com\/homePage.do?locale=en_US&fullHTMLVersion=true","ainfo":"1234567890","autosubmit":"never"},"URLs":[{"overview":{"label":"website","url":"http:\/\/www.aa.com\/homePage.do?locale=en_US&fullHTMLVersion=true"}}]}

    Now does this fill properly for you as it seems to for me and is it filling information that your Login item isn't?

    We'll see what that answer tells us and take it from there.

  • texastobytexastoby
    Community Member

    Little Bobby, thanks for working on this. After creating a new login from the clipboard, it works as advertised! But what if I don't want to fly out of London City? :p

    What part of all those strange web form details makes this work? I tried to edit the web form details to remove all the extra entries, like day of travel and departure city, and then it failed again. Anyway, thanks for your help!

  • Steve_SurvanceSteve_Survance
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    An airline requires 3 fields for logging in: airline number, last name, and password. However, I can only get 1P4 to fill in the last name and password. Can I make it fill in all 3 fields?

    1Password Version: 4.4.3
    Extension Version: 4.4.3
    OS Version: 10.9.5
    Sync Type: Dropbox
    Referrer: forum-search:An airline login requires 3 fields for logging in: airline number, last names, and password.

  • Hi @texastoby,

    So here's a bit of information about how the extension currently works that I think you will find of interest. We currently have two very different strategies and which one gets used is dependent on what you can view as comparing fingerprints. When you instruct 1Password to fill we hoover up all the input fields and compare this list to the data in the web form details section. If all the same fields are present in both we do something called fill by html attribute. We take what's in the web form details section and fill all the fields on the web page with this information. If you have more than a single username and password to fill it has to be via this fill by html attribute as it's the only way for 1Password to know what goes where.

    If the fingerprints don't match up we fall back on a much more basic filling mechanism which does its best to guess which field best represents where a username should go and which field best represents where a password should be. On many login pages this works fine, take Amazon's login page for example. On more... elaborate sites this just won't work. American Airlines is a fine example in that they want you to fill two text fields and one password field.

    So you've discovered what happens if you delete entire entries from the web form details section. It causes the stored fingerprint to change, they don't match and 1Password falls back to educated guesswork. Now instead of deleting the field entirely you could delete the text stored in the field but 1Password would then zero the field on filling by filling an empty string.

    Given time I can imagine a few things we could do differently but it would probably require a bit of an overhaul. That can sometimes be exactly what is needed but it can also mean it takes time and possible teething pains.

    Does that help explain how 1Password works?

  • Greetings @Steve_Survance,

    Could the airline be American Airlines at all and does this thread help at all?

  • thightowerthightower
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    edited September 2015

    Kinda late to the party here but,

    I was able to get it to save from the main page. It had been working previously for me so I can only guess something changed real recent like.

    I ended up with 2 separate logins one that normally fills on main page and one that fills on the secondary fall back page. I have named them main and fallback in 1P.

    • Not using the above method but using the normal save login method.
  • Steve_SurvanceSteve_Survance
    Community Member

    littlebobbytables, Yes, AA is what I'm trying to get to work. Thanks for pointing me to the thread. I'll see if I can get one of those solutions to work.

  • Steve_SurvanceSteve_Survance
    Community Member

    I have it working. I looked at the thread but looked at the manual entry. I was able to do the login with all the info using my password, go into my account, enter old password, generate new password and save, but did not allow 1P4 to save the info. I then ensured that there were no login or passwords stored for AA.com. I then typed all the login info and pasted the generated password I had saved. Then on submit, I allowed 1P4 to save the login information. This allowed it to work. It took numerous attempts and resetting the password to get it to work. Thanks for your help.

  • texastobytexastoby
    Community Member

    Thank you for all the info - that's awesome!

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    Indeed! Good stuff. :glasses:

  • It sounds like everybody has a working Login item for American Airlines. Excellent :smile:

  • ortnpalmsortnpalms
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    Well, I can't catch up with the solution for logging into AA. I'm using 1P For one thing, when I copy the self-described "garbled nonsense" above to the clipboard and go to File > there is no "New Item from Clipboard Option." So, since I can't get past that first step I've set off on my own.

    What I have for the login at http://www.aa.com/homePage.do is:
    Name Value Type Designation
    loginId [my no.] text username
    lastName [Last Name] text none
    password [Password] password password

    When I select American Airlines from the browser's 1P log in menu the AA page is loaded and after a few seconds the above three login items are filled in. But the web site doesn't like them and I can't tell if it erases them or loads a new screen with blanks where the info had been filled in. In any case, I'm not logged in.

    I've tried manually filling in the info on the login page and selected Settings > Save New Login. I'm then logged in to the AA web page. But when I go back to reuse the Saved Login it doesn't work.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @ortnpalms: Sorry for the confusion! The instructions above are referring to 1Password for Mac. It sounds like you're using 1Password for Windows, which is a bit different.

    First of all, don't login at this page. It's not secure: http://www.aa.com/homePage.do

    That said, in many cases manually saving a new login for the site will allow 1Password to save additional information from the form. Just try these steps to save the login manually:

    1. Navigate to this URL: https://www.aa.com/loyalty/login
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Click the 'keyhole' icon to bring up the extension
    4. Click the 'gear' icon for Settings
    5. Click Save New Login
    6. Give it a name and Save
    7. Close the webpage and select your new login from the extension to have 1Password Go & Fill
    8. Submit the form manually if you have autosumbit disabled

    I was able to save a new working login item in this fashion using Chrome. Be sure that your browser is updated and you have the latest 1Password extension installed in it as well. Please let me know how it turns out! :)

  • ortnpalmsortnpalms
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    Thanks! This worked. The American Airlines web site is a bit confusing though because after you log in it clears the login information from the form but retains the form - so one could assume that the log in failed when it didn't. The only clue that it was successful is that your identity is acknowledged in the header where it says "Hello [username]."

  • jxpx777jxpx777
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    Glad that worked, @ortnpalms. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance!

    Jamie Phelps
    Code Wrangler @ AgileBits

  • odysseusodysseus
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    edited April 2016

    Yes, I thought that the login didn't work -- what a crazy site!

  • jxpx777jxpx777
    1Password Alumni

    Thanks, @odysseus. Of course, it's not entirely unreasonable for the site to need more than a username and password to sign in. We're certainly looking at ways we can make this process better and hopefully we'll be able to tackle this soon.

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