Export Vault to DropBox?

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Hello, I'm using the android version of 1Password. I purchased a new phone and want to import my vault over.. I tried to sync to dropbox and got some errors, so I choose a local vault... it saved.. but now I can't make it sync to dropbox and change the sync folder to be on dropbox. Can someone help?

1Password Version: 4.2.1
Extension Version: 4.2.1
OS Version: android
Sync Type: local


  • Hey @wishicouldsurf! At this time, it’s not possible to change the sync method in 1Password on Android once it has been configured. The only way to reconfigure sync is by reinstalling 1Password or by clearing application data. Of course, reinstalling 1Password or clearing application data will remove all of your 1Password data from your device, so I wouldn't recommend that approach until you've determined that you are not going to lose any data.

    Since you are syncing locally to your device, the approach I would recommend would be to upload your 1Password.agilekeychain folder to Dropbox manually, and then reconfigure sync with Dropbox. I would be happy to walk you through the process. Do you have access to a Windows PC or Mac?

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