Items on Apple Watch not syncing [Resolved: Restart 1Password for Apple Watch]

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I updated two items (secure notes). The changes appeared almost immediately on my home and work computers and on my iPhone (using iCloud sync), but not on my Apple Watch. Hours later, the Watch is still showed the old versions of the Secure Notes.

I was able to force an update of the Secure Notes by opening them on my iPhone, clicking Remove from Apple Watch, then Add to Apple Watch. But shouldn't entries sync to the Watch without this manual intervention?

1Password Version: 5.4.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 8.3
Sync Type: iCloud


  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

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    Hi @lkkboston,

    Yes, updated items should sync to the Apple Watch without issue. If that happens again, try force quitting 1Password for Apple Watch on the Watch itself. Here's how.

    1. Open 1Password for Apple Watch.
    2. Press & hold the Side Button (not the Digital Crown) until the option to Power Off, Power Reserve, & Lock Device appear. Release the button.
    3. Press & old the Side Button again until you are taken to the Watch's home screen.
    4. Relaunch 1Password for Apple Watch.

    That should ensure any caches the Watch may be carrying for 1Password are cleared and it will do a complete refresh of data from the phone.

  • I tried a force quit of 1Password on my Watch following the steps you outlined, and the app is now syncing to my watch. Thanks!

  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

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    You're welcome, @lkkboston!

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