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Firefox Developer Edition / Open and Fill [confirmed issues to be fixed]

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I'm having a problem with 1Password and the Open and Fill function. I'm using Firefox Developer Edition, and it seems that when I click on the Open and Fill it opens the URL with onepasswdfill URL parameter and the site just spins without rendering anything.

I'm using

FDE / 40.0a2 (2015-06-09)

BTW - it's been an issue for a while now.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

1Password Version: 5.4 BETA-16
Extension Version: 4.4.0.b7
OS Version: 10.10.4
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @jmleapline,

    I hope you don't mind, but I've moved your message to our "Saving and Filling in Browsers" forum where you can get more help with this issue.

    Is this problem happening with one or more specific Login items, or with all of your Login items? If the problem only happens for one/some Logins, would you be able to let us know the URLs for the sites where you've noticed the problem?

    Also, you said this happens when using Open and Fill, so it sounds like you're either double-clicking the Login item in the main 1Password app or clicking the URL within the Login item. Can you try opening the Login item(s) from 1Password mini/extension to see if that works? And if you open the website first and then select the Login from the extension, does it fill correctly?

    Thanks in advance!

  • jmleaplinejmleapline
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    Hi @Drew_AG

    This happens to all links from 1Password.

    Yes, I was clicking the link from the 1Password main window. This also has an impact with my integration with Alfred.

    When trying it through the mini app, when I navigate to 'Logins' and click directly on the name of the web site it works no problems. When I take it one step deeper, and hover over the link of the website and click on 'open and fill', it fails as mentioned above - just spinning and not rendering anything.

  • sjksjk
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @jmleapline,

    Thanks for that additional information. I've reproduced this issue, and some related ones, using the same software versions from your original report. With that combination I wasn't able to find any workaround for successful open and fill usage; closest is what you mentioned in your last reply:

    When trying it through the mini app, when I navigate to 'Logins' and click directly on the name of the web site it works no problems.

    Using Firefox 38 may be the preferred way to have the best open and fill behavior without making other changes. Reverting to version 4.3.1 of the extension with Firefox Developer Edition 4.0a2 is another alternative that might be more acceptable, although you could run into issues that the beta extension has resolved.

    Sorry I don't have a real solution to offer you for this. I've rewritten up all the details in a bug report for our developers and hopefully they'll have this fixed up soon!

    ref: OPX-790

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