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Feature request: extract password characters by position

A large number of logon pages these days seem to require me to enter digits x, y and z of my password. As the password length grows, it becomes increasingly hard to pick out these characters.

It would be really nice if the 1password popup allowed me to enter (say) up to five character position values, which would then cause it to display the corresponding characters. Since I also use other fields in the 1password definition to hold further credentials (e.g. PIN) it would be nice if this facility was extended to al fields. Strikes me that that would be a really easy facility to add :-)

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  • AndyDAndyD
    Community Member

    Apologies - I see that this request has been raised several times, and that a number of work-arounds have been proposed. Shame that it can't be implemented nicely :-(

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @AndyD,

    While we do have a couple of reasonable workarounds suggested by other users of 1Password we haven't discounted the request to have 1Password do a better job natively. The request is still open and I would hope one day we'll do something elegant here. Until then though I have added your post as another vote to see this happen.

    ref: OPM-1720

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