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I have an Amazon Fire Phone which is many times better than my last 3 Samsung Galaxies overall, but it just does not support Google Play. Is there any chance of getting the 1Password APK distributed via the Amazon appstore?

I have been with 1Password for many years, way back when it was a Mac only program and I have purchased every upgrade for every OS. I love the service and the app and the growth. I am hoping I won't have to drop it because it does not work on my phone. Note that it would work perfectly on my phone as-is, if only I could install it.


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  • Hi @sunsetbrew. Thanks for getting in touch with us and for your support of 1Password. :)

    Unfortunately, we do not support Fire OS at this time, nor are we able to distribute 1Password through the Amazon Appstore currently. In order to distribute 1Password 4 through the Amazon Appstore, we'd need to add Appstore support to our in-app purchases, and then ensure that 1Password 4 is fully compatible with Fire OS.

    While this is something that we may support in the future, we don't have any immediate plans to do so. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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