Pull-to-refresh interferes with fast scroll

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When my logins list is scrolled all the way to the top, if I drag down the right hand side it triggers the pull-to-refresh. If I scroll the list down a little, the same gesture now triggers fast scrolling.

Personally, I prefer the latter use of the gesture, which is not unconnected with the fact that I have 170-odd logins, so fast-scrolling is useful. But I think it should be one way or the other. In effect, the current 'drag down the RHS' gesture is modal, depending on the current scrolling position of the list. Or to put it another way, to fast-scroll when the list is at the top, you need two gestures: first a small scroll down, then the regular RHS drag.

1Password Version: 4.5b7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android M developer preview 1
Sync Type: Wifi (w/Mac)


  • periperi

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    edited July 2015

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely forward this to our devs, as we are always interested in ways to improve the user experience.

    Let us know if you have any other feedback! :)

    ref: OPA-193

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