Share license between Google accounts?

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I am currently using 1password on my phone and Windows desktop, currently free version of both. I like the product very much and am looking into buying the full versions. The FAQ seems to indicate licenses are per platform (e.g. I buy one Windows license and I can install in on more than one home PC). Can I assume however they are really per Google account on Android? I would like a solution that can be shared for my family, and as you might imagine both my wife and myself have different Google accounts. For both of us to use the premium version on our phones, would we need two Android licenses?

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  • saad

    Hi @stevew2004. The purchase of the premium features on Android is handled through Google’s Play Store and is linked to your Google account. As long as your devices are signed into the same Google account, you will have access to the premium features without having to purchase again.

    It’s not possible to link your Play Store purchases from one Google account with another. However, if you add your Google account to your wife's device and then download 1Password from there, the premium features should automatically unlock. :)

    I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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