Autofill not working with Chrome

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I setup 1password for my wife on her new Z3 Compact running Android 5.1.1. I also enabled Automatic Filling.
But still in Chrome all the websites I tried autofill was not working. I set everything up just like on my Huawei p8 and there it works as expected.

Is there an other option I should check or be aware of except enabling Automatic Filling?

1Password Version: latest
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • peri

    Hey @vad1mo. Thanks for getting in touch with us and for your support of 1Password. I'll be happy to help out here. :)

    In addition to enabling the 1Password accessibility service, your wife will need to also enable the 1Password keyboard. Can you confirm that she's done this? You can read a little more about these settings here.

    Let us know if that does the trick or if you're still having trouble here. Thanks!

  • vad1mo
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    I followed the settings and can confirm that she has both enabled

    1. Keyboard
    2. Accessibility service

    We have also enabled PIN to unlock the device. But phone encryption is disabled.

  • saad

    Thanks for confirming those settings are both enabled. Is the device rooted by any chance? If it is, have you replaced the stock firmware with a custom ROM on the device?

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