1Password failed to install on Firefox 40.0.2


I'm trying install the latest version of 1Password for Firefox, because I saw that my current version are not the last one.
But every time I tried, a message saying "add-on was not downloaded because a connexion fail with agilebits.com" (or something like this, it's in Portuguese).

First I tried to install following the Preferences/Browsers link. Then I tried again directly on your website. Always the same message (yes, I allowed installation when Firefox asked me).
So I decided to uninstall the current version, restart the browser (I cleaned cache with CCleaner) and I tried to install again.
Same message.
And now I don't have 1Password on Firefox anymore (witch I regret to have uninstalled).

So, what can I do to fix it? Reinstall Firefox (please, tell me not)?


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Greetings @caebrasil,

    Do you have any kind of anti-virus or firewall software running? In many of the cases we've seen, it turns out a third party application is blocking the download. Certainly re-installing Firefox should not be required.

    If you do have anti-virus or similar what happens if you temporarily disable it. Can you download the extension? Obviously we would recommend re-enabling it straight away if you do test this and please do let us know if it makes any difference.

  • Voilà! Thank you @littlebobbytables !
    I'm using BitTorrent for a while, I expected him to let me know if something was blocked, but made no alert.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Glad we managed to get to the heart of that one so quickly @caebrasil :smile: Can I ask, which BitTorrent client are you using that has anti-virus software in it, we'll probably want to take a peek.

  • caebrasilcaebrasil
    edited August 2015

    @littlebobbytables I'm sorry, I'm using BitDefender! Hahahaha! BitDefender Internet Security 2015.
    I'll try to figure out how I can unlock these installations. It seems a good antivirus but I have not familiarized myself with all the features, I have no idea where unlock add-ons installations.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    :tongue: This is the downside to most knowledge bases, they're great if you know what term to use to search but if you're not sure it feels like the proverbial needle in the haystack. I'm not sure there is an elegant way to combat that. I mention that as with this new piece of knowledge I looked to see if our KB mentioned BitDefender and it turns out it is a known one to us.

    For others that may read this thread you might find the following article of use as BitDefender isn't the only one that blocks.

    Unable to install browser extension (Windows).

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