Trouble auto-filling username/password at


I hit command+\

username and password fields under "Log In" are populated. "Log in" action is performed. I am logged in.

username and password fields under "Log In" are populated. Focus moves to the fields under "Sign Up". "Email address is not valid" appears under the "Sign Up" button. (The extension probably clicked the "sign up" action). I am not logged in.

Not sure this is the proper forum to report this.

1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version:
OS Version: OSX 10.10.5


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    Hi @blackbeardrrr,

    First of all, this is indeed the proper place to report such issues :smile:

    I don't fully understand why but we are definitely doing something odd here. It might very well be we're doing something odd because the site is a bit off too but I can see that we are getting confused and we're focusing on the wrong field which is likely leading to this issue with submitting.

    While we puzzle over this, can you log in if you disable submit after filling for this single Login item? To test this you would:

    1. Edit the Azure Login item in 1Password.
    2. In Edit mode you should see two new options, one of which is titled submit, change the setting from Submit when enabled to Never submit.
    3. Save.

    It may very well look as if the password field hasn't been filled but I believe this to be an artefact from their fields on top of fields and switching them from hidden to visible. I suspect only testing by clicking the LOG IN button will say anything definitive. If it works at least it's a workaround for now.

    ref: OPX-431

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