1pass extension needs to TURN TO PORTRAIT!!! AASTRRGFGFJHFHHH

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So I just got the iPhone 6, and it's awesome to use desktop websites. Now, that's only conducive upon portrait browsing.

Try to use 1password portrait. Now, don't turn landscape because you just want to do it fast. Now, the extension drops away, and what happens?

The screen stays portrait while you hold landscape.

And, you can't just Portrait>Same Landscape. Nope. You gotta rotate all the way around.

I know this might be minor, but it's minor/major enough that its becoming a major pet peeve stabbing me in the side.


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @jpartain89: Indeed, the 1Password iOS extension is currently portrait-only, but we do hope to add more flexibility to it in the future (rotation, autolayout, etc.) Thanks for letting us know this is important to you as well! :)

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