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I currently use a Dropbox account to sync my personal 1P vault between my iPhone, iPad, and Windows 7 PC at home.

I am looking to install 1P on my Windows 7 PC at work, where I will create a new vault for storing my work-related passwords. As I don't want my personal Dropbox account accessible on my work PC, I am thinking of establishing a 2nd Dropbox account that I would use to store my work vault on my work PC.

So I would have Dropbox account #1 containing my personal vault, and Dropbox account #2 containing my work vault. Will it be possible to sync them both to the 1P app on my iPhone? Based on what I read on Dropbox's site, I will only be able to access Dropbox account 1 from the Dropbox app itself. But can 1P get around that limitation to let me sync with both Dropbox accounts on my phone?

I have no need to sync the work vault to my home PC, just from my work PC to my phone.

Thanks for any insight and suggestions, Scott

1Password Version: 5.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 8.4.1
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    @Rabbit32: There's a better way. ;)

    While you can only be logged into a single Dropbox account at a time, you can simply share the vault from the other account, so that you can access both. Just follow the steps in this guide, and you'll be good to go:

    Sharing a vault with Dropbox

    So it sounds like you'll want to be logged into your work Dropbox account, and then share the personal vault with it.

    I hope this helps. please let me know if you have any questions! :)

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