IPassword on my Apple Watch will not lock

I am running iOS 8.4.1 on my iphone 5s. I installed 1Password on my Apple Watch. It works fine except once the app opens on my Watch, I cannot get the app to lock. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Hi @UniversalDonor!

    Currently the app locks whenever iOS decides to shut down the Watch app. There isn't a manual override yet, but it is something we are looking into.

    Eventually the OS will decide the app has been in memory long enough and purge it, at which time it will lock.

  • vogelgm
    Community Member

    Before I installed 1Password I could enter my iWatch without any password. Now with the installation I have to put allways
    the password in before I can use my iWatch. I have to do it even when I let it for minutes. This is frustrating. Is this the same problem of the guy before.

  • Hi @vogelgm, I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles.

    The password you're speaking of, is that to unlock the entire Apple Watch, or just to unlock 1Password for Apple Watch when you launch it?

    If it is the former, which is what it sounds like you are saying, we do require the Apple Watch have its device Passcode set. The Apple Watch's device Passcode is required any time you take Apple Watch off your wrist. Once you put it back on, you can unlock and it will remain unlocked until you take it off again.

    You can also set Apple Watch to unlock when you unlock your iPhone. On your iPhone, go to the Watch app, and tap Passcode. You can then toggle Unlock with iPhone on. To use this, put your Apple Watch on your wrist, and instead of tapping in your passcode on the Watch, grab your iPhone and unlock it with either Touch ID or or its Passcode, and your Apple Watch will then unlock and remain so until you take it off again.

  • vogelgm
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    Hi Crisdj,
    you are right I have got it. But I never have set a passcode for the iWatch. I only set one for 1password and it is the same.
    That was the reason why I asked. I took your recomendation to unlock with the iPhone it worked. May be you can tell
    me why it is the same passcode that I set for 1Password.
    Thank you vey much

  • While 1Password requires the device be protected with a passcode so we can store Watch items in the device keychain, it cannot set up that passcode for you.

    The only ways to set up a device passcode for the Watch are through the Watch's settings app or the Watch app on iPhone. You would have had to have set it up at some point through one of those two methods, and must have used the same digits as you use for 1Password for Apple Watch.

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