Q on License Switch (Mac App Store -> Mac/Win Bundle)

Bought 1Password on the Mac App Store, but now I'm thinking this would be very useful on Windows as well.

Is there a way to "trade in" the Mac App Store version for the Mac/Win Bundle version? I realize there's a price difference which I'll happily pay.

I don't need iCloud sync - Dropbox sync is fine.

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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @raindog308: No need to 'trade' — you can keep your Mac App Store copy! But more to the point, if you email a copy of your Mac App Store receipt to [email protected], we'll be happy to give you a coupon to 'upgrade' to the bundle (essentially a discount on the 1Password for Windows purchase, since you already bought 1Password for Mac). Cheers! :)

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