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I've been using 1password for several years (Win, Mac, iOS & Android) and I love it -- except for one thing. I'm a freelance artist and I often work at studios where I use the studio's computers instead of my own. This means that I use 1passwordAnywhere frequently. I am therefore having to constantly hit the "Reveal" button on 1passwordAnywhere to log into my various accounts that I use while I'm at work (skype, facebook, etc.) Obviously this is completely insecure, since my passwords are being revealed for anyone to see / take a picture of. Are there any plans to add a "Copy" button to 1passwordAnywhere? For me, it's enough of a reason to switch to a different product, which would be a shame since I love 1password!

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    @photoreel: I'm sorry to hear that! Indeed, 1PasswordAnywhere isn't meant as a replacement for 1Password; and it is also designed to work in many different browsers, so we try to keep things relatively simple.

    I will mention though that if you're using a machine you don't control wandering eyes may be the least of your problems. It is far easier for someone to simply install a keylogger than to surreptitiously record your password visually. Just something to keep in mind.

    But you're right! It's certainly due for a refresh. And while there are other things that demand our attention right now, we'll certainly take your use and suggestion into consideration when we develop new versions. Thanks for the feedback! :)

    ref: OPM-1393

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