How do I get 1Password to Auto fill forms with name and address

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I downloaded 1 Password to auto fill forms that have my name, address, etc. These are mostly sweepstakes entry forms. It is not working. How do I get it to work. I use a Mac, Safari Browser. Thank you.

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OS Version: OS X Yosemite
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  • danco
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    I use 1PW for somewhat similar functions.

    Have you created an Identity with the relevant details? That's the first step. Then opening 1PW mini (or the browser extension, I think) and selecting the identity should fill in the details.

    Bear in mind that, because of the many ways that web sites are created (including errors in coding), this does not always work perfectly but usually works well enough.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @AllisonF,

    As danco mentioned, you'll need to add an Identity item in 1Password. Identities are for storing names, addresses, job titles, email addresses, and other information you might need to fill in forms like that on a website.

    You'll be able to select your Identity item from the 1Password extension when you want to have that information filled in a web form. (Of course, you'll also need to install the 1Password browser extension, if you haven't already done so.)

    Does that help? If you have more questions or are having trouble with that, please let us know. Thanks! :)

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