Reinstalling I Password on Apple Watch

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My Apple Watch was not syncing with the app on my iphone. So I uninstalled the app by clicking off the show on apple watch and then I re clicked to install and it is now showing installing without actually installing - i.e taking forever to reinstall.

1Password Version: 6.01
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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    @adambknh47: Ugh. I had this same problem with a number of apps after updating to watchOS 2.0. For some reason it seems to be getting confused about the state of what is installed/installing/uninstalled/etc. Since it's up to iOS and watchOS to install the app, you may ultimately need to contact Apple. But there are some things you can try to coax/cajole/coerce the OS' to do their thing. Please try the following:

    1. Connect both the Apple Watch and iPhone to power
    2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down to 1Password, and set Show on Apple Watch to the off position
    3. Open 1Password on your iPhone and go to Settings > Apple Watch and set Enable Apple Watch to the off position
    4. Wait for it to stop saying "Uninstalling..." (this may never happen, but give it 5 minutes and then move on)
    5. View the apps on your actual Watch and if it is gone (in some cases, even those that completed "Uninstalling..." still show up)
    6. If it's still shown there, hold your finger on it and then tap the (x) (this may not work either)
    7. Regardless, hold the pill-shaped Side Button on the Watch and Power Off
    8. Then hold the Lock Button on your iPhone and Slide to Power Off
    9. Power on both the Apple Watch and iPhone
    10. Verify that 1Password is not shown on the Apple Watch and that this is reflected in the Watch app on the iPhone as well (if not, go back to the beginning)
    11. In 1Password on the iPhone, set Enable Apple Watch to on
    12. In Watch on the iPhone, go to 1Password and set Show on Apple Watch to on
    13. Wait for the app to finish Installing...

    This resolved the issue for me with multiple apps. Please let me know how it turns out! :)

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