New 1Password feature request

I'm impressed with the tailor made categories in 1Password. I would like to see "Combination Lock/Safe" added to the category list. I entered mine under password but it really deserves its own category. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @kbibbee: Thanks for the suggestion! While it's entirely up to you, I'd actually recommend using a Secure Note. The Passwords category can get a but cluttered, as it's primarily for 1Password to save generated passwords it fills as a failsafe.

    We can definitely consider adding a "lock" category in the future...but I suspect that we're more likely to make it possible to create custom categories, as it would allow users to do what you describe and much more. And while I can't offer a time frame for this, it's definitely on our radar and something we'd very much like to do regardless. Thanks for taking the time to share your interest! :)

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