What can I put in a vault for "Teams"

I haven't tried the product yet, but reading the documentation left me a little confused about the new product. I think understand the 'sharing' features. It also seems like you've built your own secure server for holding the data, as opposed to using DropBox and the like.

I'm still not quite sure what can be shared. Is it just password information like I keep in 1Password today? Or can we also share documents and files in vaults (much as I expect Knox supports - never tried Knox, but that's what it appears to provide).

I expect the answer is the former, but in my reading I got the idea that it might support all types of Agile vaults.


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  • Jeff ShinerJeff Shiner AgileBits Admin

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    Hey Scott,

    1Password for Teams allows you to easily share vaults with different teammates on your team. This includes all of the item types that you keep in 1Password today such as Passwords, Credit Cards, Secure Notes and more. You can choose which teammates are allowed to view any given team vault and can control the level of access they have (such as Read-Only vs. Read-Write) to that vault.

    1Password for Teams also introduces a new item type that can be kept in team vaults, and that is the Document type. This allows you to share documents in your vaults just like any other item and, like all items, are fully encrypted. Currently documents are limited to files of 5Mb or less.


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