Initial install on PC with teams

Wanted to make a suggestion that the initial configuration process is a bit confusing for a new 1Password user being invited to a Team. They get the app loaded, and initially it wants you to create a new vault. But you (or I) don't think you want a new vault, because obviously you're joining a "team" that already exists. If you choose the other option, it offers to let you sync to an existing Dropbox, etc. vault.

I found it confusing that you have to create a local vault (which isn't specified as local) before you can join the team. I would propose that the "existing user" choice have an added option to join a team.

Anyway, just my feedback.

1Password Version: 5.5.BETA-18 (550018)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.11.1
Sync Type: Team


  • Jeff ShinerJeff Shiner AgileBits Admin

    Team Member

    Thanks @bdillahu, you are absolutely correct, the new user setup flow on the native app can be confusing for anyone who is using 1Password for Teams. We are currently working on a version of the setup flow specifically for 1Password for Teams users. This will allow you to simply sign in with your 1Password for Teams account rather than creating a personal vault. I believe that this will help out considerably.


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