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It would be nice if there were a way to configure the default format for new items rather than just pulling the title of the page. In particular, URLs (probably stripping www) would be helpful, esp. as a website sometimes has multiple sections with different logins. Some example formats that you would want the option to pull would be:

Title of Site


One additional option, offhand, that could potentially be useful would be some type of time/date stamping.

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  • littlebobbytables
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    Greetings @beleff,

    Each request we receive has to be presented to the developers and they have to be convinced of the improvement that it brings. Factors this include are the feature itself as well as how many people it will benefit. For example we have feature requests to see changes to font size, contrast and when I argue for these I do so for anybody that has visual issues that mean they struggle to use 1Password as is. That's an easy push to make because I don't want any of our loyal users to reach a point where they're unable to use 1Password.

    Why do I say all of this? At the moment I'm not understanding what this brings to 1Password and if I don't understand it will be tough to convince others not because I can't be bothered but simply because I don't understand. Hopefully you see what I mean. So my question is, what/how would this improve 1Password that the title of the site doesn't achieve by itself. If I can understand what you're thinking it means I can write a better feature request :smile:

  • beleff
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    Thank you for the response, and I certainly understand the perspective.

    The issue with the title is that, unlike the URL, it is completely configurable by the page author. This leads to two issues (off the top of my head) that I've encountered:

    1) sites where I have multiple logins to save that may not use unique titles for each page

    2) sites where the title is poorly written or cryptic

    (and it seems it's not the title, exactly, that's being auto populated in all cases, I've not had time to play with it fully)

    In any event, it was really just an offhand thought as I was cleaning up my vault and went looking to see if there might be a "prefer site title/prefer site URL" toggle in the config. It is easy enough to change the item name, at creation or later, and if it were my project I'd also be prioritizing something like accessibility issues.

    Again, I appreciate the time.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @beleff,

    We'll certainly keep your thoughts in mind and this thread will remain open if you have other ideas related to it or even if others want to add their voice to see this happen, that's always a boost for a feature request too as if something is popular enough it gets pushed up the list :smile:

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