Trash folder is missing in 1Password for Android

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I am using 1Password for Android and I have deleted an item. Upon deletion, the App prompted me and asked "Permanently delete the item?" I chose Yes. And since there is no Trash folder in Android version, I assumed the item will be deleted permanently. But when I opened same vault with 1Password for Windows, surprisingly I found the item in the Trash folder of the same vault. More surprise occurred when I found that I can actually restore the item in Trash by using 1Password for Windows; nevertheless, the Trash folder literally does not exist in 1Password for Android.
Is it a flaw in 1Password for Android? And how to access the Trash folder in 1Password for Android?


  • saadsaad

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    Sorry for the confusion. I’ll let the developers know that the message you saw is a bit confusing. We appreciate the feedback.

    When an item is deleted, it’s marked for Trash. These items sit in your Trash folder and is removed when you explicitly empty the Trash or when you delete the item from the Trash. The items is then marked as tombstone items and is permanently deleted.

  • Thanks for the reply, Saad.
    The message is not my main concern, even though it is confusing to get the message of "Permanently delete the item?".
    My main concern is why Trash folder is missing in 1Password for Android?
    And how to access Trash folder in 1Password for Android?

  • saadsaad

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    This is actually by design. The Trash folder is not available to view in 1Password for Android and iOS.

  • It would be quite helpful to have the Trash folder available in those apps. Here's the use case: I delete an item at my desktop computer, but leave it in the trash, but later (when away from home with only my phone) realize that I need that item...

  • saadsaad

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    We appreciate your feedback @6sp. I’ll pass on your use case and add your vote for this feature request.

  • Dear Saad,
    I would like to appeal you to make the Trash folder available in 1Password for Android and iOS. These days people use smarthphones for personal matters more than laptop or pc. All of banking transactions and other things can be done using phone and hence, I would enquire full version of this app on my phone including Trash folder.

  • mverdemverde

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    @Rezamhr Thank you for the feedback. This is something that we will need to review between our iOS and Android teams, but I will be sure to pass along the request.

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