Is there a place or method we can use to find when features are added or updates are made? I know we couldn't create logins via the web at first but now I see an add option.

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  • Hi @Scuba629,

    We currently don't post the ChangeLogs for the server side, nor the Web Admin Console/Web Vault Viewer. I don't think it's because we're purposefully wanting to keep that private, it's mostly just that we haven't taken the time to build a place for us to post them. I'll let the team know that this is something you'd be interested in seeing.



  • Scuba629
    Community Member


    Thanks for letting them know. I think it would give us a place to focus our "beta" testing and know that a new feature/function was released that we might have been waiting for.

  • Indeed. We'll see what we can do to improve things. :)

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