Owner of Team Cannot Edit a Vault in Web

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Found a bug from what I can tell. A team member who is configured as an Admin created a vault and added some login's. As the owner of the team, I see the vault both in the web and in the client. It shows I have full access in my vault list, even though I am not shown specifically in the vaults permissions. From the browser I cannot edit or add a login but I can from the client.

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  • Hi @bcefalo,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us!

    Just to confirm, your permission for the vault looks like this?

    But it also says "full access" under your name?

    Also, when creating the vault, did you check the "include administrators" box?

  • bcefalo
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    Hi @JasperP no thats not correct. I see that I have full access when looking at my profile under "team members". However when I am in the vault profile under team members I am not listed.

  • Thanks for the additional details! I was able to reproduce the issue and will file an internal bug report.

    For now, if you need write access to that vault in the web client, one of the vault's managers should be able to add you manually on the vault's detail page and give you the appropriate permissions.

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