Trouble with DNS name resolution

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i have trouble to access your homepage with or
I get every time the message: "could not connect to

If i ping www. I get answer from With the ip I could connect to your homepage.

Why I can’t connect with url?



  • bswins
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    Hallo tty. Willkommen auf den Foren!

    The URL you provided is correct, and I was able to access AB's homepage using it.

    Since you are able to connect to our homepage using the IP address (, it sounds like there could be an issue with your DNS Server.

    I don't know your system setup (Mac/Windows), but many times, I've found clearing my browser's cache has solved the problem. Other times, the problem had to do with the specific DNS server I was using.

    Thank you for reporting your experience, and let us know if you continue to have trouble using the URL. We'll do our best to help you track down the cause.


  • khad
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    Do you have trouble with any other websites? As Brandt mentioned, it does sound like a problem with your DNS server.

    Please let us know.

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