Vault Renames on the Website Don't Rename on the Clients


Self-explanatory. Vault renames don't sync down to the individual 1Password instances.

1Password Version: BETA 29
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Dropbox/Teams


  • Hi @jfelchner,

    You're just on a bug rampage aren't you. :) I've confirmed this issue and filed it with the server team. The clients are currently getting told that there's no changes there to sync when there should be. So this should get fixed without requiring an update to the clients.

    Thanks for reporting this.


  • jfelchner
    Community Member

    @rickfillion that's what you all pay me for right? ;) FWIW, vault photos are also not being synced if that's a separate thing.

    Also, any plans on allowing the colors of the vault rings to be changed after creation?

  • @jfelchner Pretty sure the vault image issue has the same cause. As far as the client's concerned it's all just "Vault attributes".

    As for vault colors... I'm not sure. It'd seem like something that'd be editable after the fact, I just don't know of any specific plans there. I assumed it was just lower on that team's priority list.


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