Moving items between vaults deletes them permanently.


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I'm having a hard time with my 1Password for teams vault syncing. When I try to move passwords from one vault, the "Your Vault" of an account, into a vault that is shared among team members, it appears to work. This is using the desktop app. To share, I am right clicking an item (Testing on 1 at a time which has saved me in this case), hovering over share, then hovering over the vault to which I want to move the item, then clicking "Move." In the desktop app, it appears to move the item just fine. It deletes it from the original vault and creates it in the new vault. However, online it only deletes it from the old vault and doesn't add it to the new vault. Had I done this with all passwords, they would all be permanently lost. Hours of work gone over a bug. This may have to do with the issue that any changes I make in the desktop app (apart from removals) aren't reflected online, however changes online are reflected in the desktop app. This is obviously a huge issue since hours of work could be lost if anybody tries to use this feature.
I am evaluating this product for use within our company, and while I love the look and feel of it I'm worried about all the bugs I'm coming across. I understand that it's a beta, however I feel that this bug shouldn't have made it into a release version. I would have preferred the previous access denied bug I was receiving in BETA 29 (a different forum post I made) than a bug that causes permanent data loss.
Please let me know if I am using the software incorrectly or misunderstanding its features.


1Password Version: 5.5.BETA-30
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.11.1
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @matt_schuh,

    I'm really sorry to hear that this isn't working as it should for you. I'm a little puzzled by what you're saying though. When you say...

    However, online it only deletes it from the old vault and doesn't add it to the new vault.

    By "online", what exactly do you mean? We don't yet support the ability to move an item from one vault to another on our website. Can you clarify with what you're trying to do the Move?

    Or are you saying that you did the Move using the 1Password for Mac app, and it's showing correctly on the Mac app, but that those changes aren't showing up on the website? If so, I suspect that you're hitting a sync bug that I've spent my entire day on and hope to get resolved really soon. The vault that housed the items originally is probably syncing fine, but the vault you moved them to is not.


  • matt_schuh
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    Hi @rickfillion .
    Thank you for the response.
    What's happening is that I'm moving an item (e.g. gmail password) from Vault A to Vault B in the desktop client by right clicking it, selecting share, Vault B, Move. On the desktop client, it looks like it worked fine. It is removed from Vault A and appears in Vault B. However in the web client, the item is removed from Vault A but does not appear in Vault B. If I were to move a bunch of passwords from Vault A to Vault B using the desktop app (as you said, web client doesn't have this feature yet - any time I mention a move it is using the desktop app), they appear to move correctly on the desktop app but are only removed from Vault A if I look online. This means that if I sign out of the desktop app, then sign back in, that/those passwords will be permanently gone.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Create two vaults. (e.g. Vault A and Vault B)
    Create a password in Vault A (I used the web client to do this but I don't know if that's important).
    Using the desktop app, move, not copy, that password into Vault B.
    All will look OK on the desktop app.
    Open up the web client and that password will no longer exist.
    To test further, sign out of the desktop app and back in.
    That password will be gone there as well.

  • @matt_schuh : we just released 5.5.BETA-31, which I think will get things back up and working for you. The issue was that in your example Vault B wasn't correctly syncing with the server anymore because of a bug. Since it wasn't syncing, it wasn't pushing up that moved item up to the server. It existed locally only.

    Let me know if you're still seeing this issue with beta 31.


  • matt_schuh
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    I just tested it out and it works great now. Thanks @rickfillion


  • Woo! Was a little terrified when I saw the response so quickly. Was mentally preparing myself to have to dive back into that code. :)


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