Suggestion: 1Password as personal CRM

This would be a great new feature

I use 1Password for mac for myself and my wife, synced across dropbox to all of our computers and iphones. It's great.

Here's a suggestion for a direction that you could go with it if you're so inclined:

I have found myself using 1Password as something of a "personal CRM" -- or maybe it's a personal reverse CRM. Anyway, I use it to keep track of interactions I have with the companies & products I do business with. For instance, when I call my insurance company to submit a claim, I make a note of it using secure notes. Or when I call my credit card company with a question, or when I call my airline with a question about my frequent flyer miles. Since 1Password already has my account information for all of these services, it's the natural place for me to keep track of these kinds of notes. I'm doing it in an ad-hoc way right now, using secure notes, but I could totally see a more structured "log" function -- where, tied to every account that I have, I keep track of interactions I have with these providers. This information is actually really important, and there's not a good way that I know of to keep track of everything in one place.

Gathering all the account info is really the hard part, so you'd be in a good position to add functionality like this. I'd certainly pay for it!

Nick Grossman


  • bswins
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    Hello Nick and welcome to the Forums!

    Thanks for relaying your suggestion!

    Like you, I use Secure Notes for some of my correspondence. However, with regards to companies or products for which I have a saved entry in one of the vaults, I track any important information/conversations/calls, etc. by making an entry in the Notes section of the saved entry.

    I used Dropbox syncing for 1P and my iPhone and iPad, so I have access to the Note data wherever I happen to be. In addition, I can edit the Notes on my iOS devices, and sync the updates to all my other devices. So, I don't have to wait until I get home. :)

    if I need a hard copy of my logged entries, I can print one or all of my saved entries using File > Print... or Print All...

    This method does keep my interactions tied to the respective accounts. Is my practice close to what you are looking for? If not, please let me know more details.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. User input like yours is the first step toward making 1P a more useful application. I'd love to hear more!


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