Feature Request: Transmit Support

Hey there!

Are there any updates on the Transmit-Support?
I'd like to import/export my Transmit-Accounts into/from 1Password.

Or are there any workrounds for this yet?

Thanks in advance,


  • bswins
    edited July 2011
    Hello Julian and welcome to the Forums!

    I hope you don't mind, but I moved your topic to the appropriate Forum.

    Thank you for letting us know that you would like to see support for importing Transmit accounts.

    We're always keeping our eyes on new functionality. However, at this time, I have nothing to report. Please watch the Forums, our Blog and our Twitter site for any future updates.


  • Hey Brandt!

    Thanks for moving my thread, of course I don't mind :)
    And thanks for the reply. I'm gonna keep an eye on the blog/forum/twitter account.

  • khad
    1Password Alumni
    On behalf of Brandt, you are quite welcome! :-)

    You might also be interested in a similar feature request thread.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

    We are always here to help!
  • Oh great! Thanks for the warm welcome :)
    I'll be watching the other thread then!

  • bswins
    edited July 2011

    We're glad to have you here!

    I was looking for the other thread before my first response, and I planned to merge your question into it.

    For some reason, my search skills failed me! Regardless, Khad's brain uses Google Search technology, and he can find anything! ;)

    On the bright side, you now have your own topic!

    Look forward to seeing you around the Forums


  • CamGould
    Community Member
    I feel this feature is really important... is there a plugin api for 1Password?
  • jpgoldberg
    1Password Alumni
    Hi CamGould,

    Other than the ability to tell 1Password to lock there is no API for communicating with 1Password. Given the nature of the data within 1Password, we really don't want to encourage people to write scripts or plug-ins that handle users' master passwords. These need to be handled extremely carefully.

    So I get to play the bad guy who worries about security issues and say that there is no plug-in support, and that I prefer it this way.

    I certainly understand the appeal of what you are asking for, and can see many uses that would make my life easier. But when I wear my security hat, I have to say, "no".


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