[Feature Request] Show Password when one-time code is enabled

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The Problem:

Since websites using Two-Factor Authentication require a password and a code, it seems silly to only show the user one of these. Currently, I am using Google Authenticator for one time codes, but that means I need to open 1Password and Google Authenticator to sign in. I added my github two-fac to 1Password and added that to my Apple Watch. However, the watch only shows the one time code. This won't be a problem when I'm on my home computer and can use the browser extension to fill in the password, but if I'm away from home I would still need to take out my phone (which defeats the purpose of the watch app)

The Solution:

It would be nice to have a second screen in the watch app, so when you click on an entry it shows the one-time code (if one is set up) and you can swipe to the left (or tap, force touch, or whatever) to see a second screen with the password. This way it is still convenient for users with the browser extension, and usable by those without it.


  • AGAlumB
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    @ericroch: This is something we'll consider adding an option for in the future. Since the app cannot encrypt data in watchOS, 1Password for Apple Watch supports only specific item types and fields. You can read more about this in our knowledgebase:

    1Password for Apple Watch

    Apple Watch Security

    We prefer to err on the side of caution rather than have 1Password automatically put all of your data there right out of the gate. In the mean time, you can also use Secure Notes to add other information to your Watch. But we definitely want to add more flexibility in the future. Thanks for the feedback! :)

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    Thanks Brently, that makes perfect sense. Glad to know you guys are considering everything when it comes to security. Hopefully future versions of watchOS will allow 1Password to be more powerful and flexible.

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    On behalf of @brenty, you're welcome!

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