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Just curious if @ 1PasswordStatus (Twitter) is going to respond to customers or is it going to be a non monitored account.
The reason I ask, is that I want more out of the status page than whats offered already. I would like a push notification. I don't like messy emails to push as emails simply take too long, get lost, caught in spam filters etc. SMS, well I am trying to cut them out (Yep, I am subscribed for now) and RSS well its only when I get around to it.

Instead, I am considering trying to have IFTTT monitor the status channel and then send me a push notification on tweets from you. It fires on all tweets by the specific user. I am trying to ensure I don't get 1k messages if its going to be a live account. Of course we all hope the service is issue free and, I NEVER need it!

The Twitter page says automated updates, so I was thinking this would not pose any issues.

Anyway, thoughts on this subject ?

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  • Megan
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    Hi @thightower,

    The only purpose of the @1PasswordStatus account is to notify users of the server status. It's hooked up directly to our status page feed.

    We'll keep all support and fun information coming out of the main @1Password account. So you're free to set up notifications. :)

  • That is a really neat idea, Tommy. Thank you for sharing it!

    As Megs said, we'll keep all "conversational tweets" on the @1Password twitter account so your idea will work perfectly. Please gently remind us about this if we ever tweet using the wrong account :)

  • thightower
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    I would like to add that during the last update from you guys. That IFTTT only noticed one change in the rss feed, it looks as if it failed to run. Or maybe only one change to the rss was wrote.

    Edit : (clarification) This is not the first time ifttt has let me down with checking various rss feeds. I hope it will get better.

    However, the native SMS notifications worked flawlessly. For me I am going to keep SMS enabled.

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