Popup windows without toolbars = PITA 4 1P

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workflow tips for 1P when logging in w/ popups
Hi -- There's a specific use context when this makes me nuts, but I'm sure it's more general, and I'm wondering if any of you might have some pointers. Sorry if this is a bit wordy.

I use pinboard.in a lot for bookmarking, and there are various browser extensions that are helpful in this respect -- find an interesting page, click on the extension's toolbar widget, type in a few things, voila. How great is that? The only downside is that you have to configure the extension with your login info when you first set it up so it can do its work.

But, since I'm pretty conscientious about security etc, I do things like clear my browsing data very regularly, at least once a day. This nukes the stored login info in most (but not all) extensions, so I end up having to configure the pinboard.in extension. Way too often. And since it pops out one of those featureless windows without a toolbar, this involves manually opeing 1P, finding the info, cutting-and-pasting it, etc. Really boring.

I regularly use one other extension, Instrachome for Instapaper, that's never required this -- just click, done. And the login/pw info persists even when I clear the browser data. I love this. It's how computers should work.

I've tried about a dozen pinboard.in Chrome extensions, and they all either ( a ) suck, or ( b ) do this same popup thing. It would make me so happy, in one of those small but important ways, if I could avoid this repetitive exercise.

This is one of those go talk to the extension developer vs go talk to 1P's developer integration problems. Ugh.

Any suggestions, pointers, etc?

Thank you.



  • khad
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    Hey tb2thee,

    I understand your plight. Have you tried using the ⌘\ keyboard shortcut? What Pinboard extension are you using? Do you have a link?

    This is one of those go talk to the extension developer vs go talk to 1P's developer integration problems. Ugh.

    It could even be a "go talk to the Chrome developers" problem, although cross-extension scripting is likely viewed as a security issue.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer, but I am willing to take a closer look for you.

    Please let me know.

  • MikeT
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    Hey tb2thee,

    Have you consider using Delibar?

    It is a great tiny menu bar client for Pinboard. I use it daily to bookmark sites from any browser and I can search for sites via keyboard shortcut to open it in my browser. It just works great for me. The only catch is that it is not free, but I think it’s worth it if you really love Pinboard and uses it a lot.
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